So, How can someone view private instagram accounts without asking for approval of the account owner?

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Only legal means to view Instagram followers, that's why I'm writing this. There are several methods on how to access Instagram. You can either pay for a private Instagram account viewer, or you can download the app. In my opinion, paying for a private Instagram account viewer is the best way.


Private Instagram account Viewer: It's a fact that Instagram users only follow people who have their own username. A lot of users doesn't want to use their real name as username because it is already trademarked by someone. To resolve this problem, there is an alternate way on how to access the Instagram account without following someone.

New ways to secretly view private instagram accounts


There is another way of doing it using the private Instagram viewers. This method is the most legal and also the safest way of getting people's attention. The private viewer method is made easy by using the human verification system. Here are the 3 ways on how to do it with ease.

Method #1:


The first method is by copying and pasting Instagram profile URL. 

  • Go to

  • This method is very similar to the regular Instagram profile viewer but it doesn't show users your private Instagram account.

  • This method requires a private viewer program.

  • This program can be downloaded through a URL click or by visiting the website. Once you have it, you need to copy and paste the URL of the page where you want to share.

Method #2:

The second method is also similar to the regular Instagram profile viewer but it shows the user the URL of the page where he can view the picture. However, this time, it does not require a private viewer. You can use this method to easily change the username and profile pictures. Changing the username and the private viewer settings is very easy.

Method #3:

The third way is a combination of the two previous ways. Since there are several users who already have accounts on these social media sites, you may want to attract more users to join your account so that you will gain more exposure. By using the regular Instagram profile viewer, you are already targeting few people who are already following you. Therefore, it won't be as effective as using the private Instagram viewers to attract more audience.


If you think you have reached the limit already, you can try to make an account public. Just go to your Instagram stories and click on the 'new story' icon. There you will be given an option to make your account public or private. This allows you to follow other accounts and get notifications when they post new Instagram stories without following them. It is a good strategy especially if you are not that active in following people and just want to browse through different content without following them first.

Method #4:


Lastly, you can try twgram. This is another popular app for Instagram. You can also use this application to post your stories and get notifications when other Instagram users share the same image or picture. However, this is not as effective as the private Instagram viewer or the tram app since you will not be able to interact with your followers. This means that you need to have a lot of followers in order for you to attract more interested people to follow you.


There are ways for you to view private instagrams and send messages to your followers. Some of these ways include availing of the mobile apps for instance, Instagram Mobile or Facebook's official Instagram app. Both these apps allow you to view and send messages to your Instagram followers. With the Facebook version, you need to have a separate page to post your stories as well as send messages. The official Instagram app does not allow you to access this functionality. This means that you will need to use the official Instagram mobile app to view your Instagram profiles and send messages to your followers.



Another way to view private Instagram accounts and send messages to your Instagram followers is via the social media platform itself. You can do this by visiting the social media site itself and logging in using your personal account. Once you are already logged in, you will be able to see your user photo album. You can click on the Account icon located at the top right corner of the profile page to gain access to the page where you can click on the link "View Instinct" found below the photo gallery.


  • Doing this will allow you to view your personal Instagram followers' profiles as well.

  • If you are still not satisfied with these two options, you can also use third-party applications that can help you view your Instagram followers' profiles.


These applications are available on different websites such as Twixby. Twixby is a html-based application which allows you to browse your Instagram stories and feed them to your feed. This will help you keep track of your followers and their activities. One of the most popular uses for this application is to provide updates about newly published Instagram stories on the Facebook event pages. Other examples of applications that can be used for viewing private Facebook Instagram stories are Facebook graphica and Facebook grams.